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Happy New Year 2018 Health Tips

Photo source: Instagram @restorativeacupuncture.

Hi all!

Happy New Year! I hope you had a gorgeous break.

Sometimes the lead up and/or aftermath of the Holiday Season can leave you feeling more than silly, perhaps un well? Tired? We forget the lead up to Christmas may cause stress for some, with the to do list being plentiful.

Chinese Medicine may help readjust your body into the new year and/or may attempt to undo some of the late nights, extra slices of cake and stress with the credit card bill coming. Chinese Medicine approaches health holistically,via treating the mind,body and spirit. In western medical terms, restoring homoeostasis a general sense of 'well being'. Think of it like a thermostat of the body, which is effected by genetic and lifestyle factors such as poor diet,stress or dehydration. Many of these factors hinder the body and make reaching a homeostatic state all that more difficult. Services such as, acupuncture along with personalised lifestyle advice may help the body to regenerate overtime and hopefully reduce common side effects and symptoms of disease.

In the meantime,

1) Try reduce portions of food, this helps the spleen and stomach and other digestive organs rest and regenerate.

2) Drink more water! help flush out any toxins, while the body is hopefully healing itself.

3) Do not eat 3/4 hours before bedtime. Again, this gives the body and its organ system time to regenerate.

4) Increase your daily fibre intake, this may help you keep fuller longer ( discourages overeating) and may work as an exfoliation for the internal body (primarily digestive system), to get rid of any unwanted waste sitting around in the body.

Just these little tips will Help get you started for the New Year! I hope Health is at the top of your list.

Dr Rebecca Dabscheck (Chinese Medicine Practitioner).

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