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Guess What?

** A Very quick but Delighted Blog Today **

Hi Bloggies/Bloggers,  You can check out my facebook page for more information. See link below.  


I recently entered a Competition and Won! I know,  how exciting right! This may also benefit you too! Let me explain.  The prize was a 2 Day Educational Seminar "Debra Betts Maternity Acupuncture ". This is privilege to be attending this Seminar,  as Debra is well respected in her field and has developed various treatment strategies which may help numerous fertility and maternity issues. This Seminar will hopefully be an opportunity  to expand my own knowledge of 'Maternity Acupuncture' and may hopefully benefit future patients. 

This really warms my Shen 'Spirit', I am very grateful for this opportunity and I  will definitely share what I will learn at Northwood Clinic.  


Dr Rebecca Dabscheck (Chinese Medicine Practitioner ).

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